Our company is well-known under the name CONTEC in the greek market.

The enterprise developed from company L. LESSIS & SIA L.P.

We have our office and storages in Koropi, a suburb of the Greek capital of Athens.

Company CONTEC is primarily a building mechanical construction company. We establish building mechanical systems and equipment for the industrial and commercial range, but also for private clients and the public area. We design and install mechanical systems, but also electrical installations and control systems.

Our service spectrum contain, on this occasion, the establishment of the equipments, like, however, also introduction of the systems, as well as later operation. Furthermore we offer project supervision, design engineering and construction supervision / building site line.

For this purpose we have suitable qualified and certified staff with the required long-standing experience. Hence we are in the position to execute our systems according to European and other international standards with the highest quality.

Our enterprise is independent and executes projects in Greece, but also in other countries.

The company is conducted by a group of experienced engineers.