Scope of work

We are a quickly growing company. Our power spectrum is as follows:

Construction services for:

Industrial and trade buildings (manufacturing plants, office and administration buildings, business halls, buildings for communication technology and energy production),

Public buildings (hotels, schools, public facilities, office administration buildings,

Private buildings (single-family dwellings and apartment houses).


Pipeline construction for heating systems and refrigerant plants,

Sanitary systems (potable water supply, sewage water systems, drainage of areas and irrigation systems),

Storage tank construction for buildings,

Pipe systems for natural gas and liquid gas,

Fire fighting systems (sprinkler systems, systems for water and CO2),

Duct work for ventilation systems and air-conditioning,

Electric power supply systems,

Electrical control systems,

Communication systems.

 Scale of works

Construction service,

Building site management


Maintenance and repair,

Engineering and design,

Quality control.